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Hydraulic Fittings

Partnering with our customers to increase their productivity by increasing machine running hours.

Our engineers works together with customer on site and establish an optimized design.

We are equipped with complete set on in-house Supplies which includes:

Hydraulic Hoses: Braided and Spiral hoses for Low, Medium and High pressure application with broad variety of end configuration

Industrial Hoses: PVC hoses for fluid transportation, Lengthy hoses to suit operation, Mandrel made hoses

We offer different types of Fitting Services which includes:

Hose Fittings: Reusable as well permanent crimp type fittings.

Compressor fittings: O-rings, Metal gaskets, Ferrules etc.

Mechanical Grip Fittings: Two ferrule assemblies – Can be reassemble multiple times.

Flare Fittings: Body with a flared or coned end – Can handle higher pressure.

Crimp Fittings: Fixed permanently on hose – Length/angle suit to customized requirement.

Push to Connect: Convenient for the system requiring frequent disconnection and reconnection.

Hydraulic Tubes, Seamless precision pipes :

Available in standard sizes for different pressure range, with standard diameter up to 100mm.

Available with interconnections like Flanges, Welding nipples, Flare connections.

Valves Mechanical Seals Level Indicators Pneumatic Fittings Bearings

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